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Versus Metaverse

Play to Earn done right

Snek, a Cypher in Versus Metaverse

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Stable Tokens

Earn Versus Tokens while gaming. Cash out directly to fiat currency in-game. Enjoy stable prices backed by USD.

Versus Metaverse Symbol

Mint the Versus Metaverse Pass

Be the first to experience Versus! Receive perks including exclusive skins, Cypher Packs, land, events, and more! 

Earn Exclusive Rewards

Mint On Chain Achievement Tokens (OATs) on Galxe to be eligible for exclusive rewards reserved for OAT holders. Mint for free now, even gas is covered.


Your digital home


Build, Decorate, and Make it your Own!

Create your new home by discovering new regions, collecting resources, leveling skills, and crafting items as you make your unique mark on Versus Metaverse.


Win and Earn


Battle Cypher teams in a 3D real time arena. With powerful and unique abilities the possibilities are limitless. Climb the rankings, win tournaments, and earn Versus Tokens.

Climb Up The Leaderboards!

Octupunch, a Cypher in Versus Metaverse

 Latest News


Versus x BlockchainSpace
Feb 19, 2023

Versus Metaverse & BlockchainSpace Partners to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

January Dev Update
Feb 2, 2023

We’re thrilled to say that, in January, we’ve made HUGE strides in the development of Versus.

How Versus Metaverse is Making Web3 Gaming Accessible to All

Jan 27, 2023

Accessibility is one of the greatest issues with web3 gaming. Versus Metaverse changes this.

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Concordium logo, a partner of Versus Metaverse

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